Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My 3rd Reading Log

 Part 1

Wendy Morgan
I am amazed to Wendy Morgan's novel entitled: Possession. The novel is about the other side of darkness. In spite of its negative connotation to the people who would think about it, somehow, there is what we call conscience. Candra, who was the long lost twin sister of Megan planned to murder her. But since she cannot do it by herself, she hypnotized Dalila with a summoned spelled. Dalila is Candra's friend. But it came to an end that Candra saved Megan from Dalila. That concludes that blood is thicker than water.

This book is just like the Harry Potter series. Like Harry Potter, the book also talks about supernatural, powers, spells, wands, etc. The time when Candra saved Megan from Dalila was just like a scene when Snape save Harry from Voldemort though he, himself serves Voldemort. I would conclude that what's inside a person shall prevail.

If the book Possession was an open ended story, what would be the ending? Will it be happy ending or a tragic one?

I would like a tragic ending. Megan and Shea would break up. Candra's friend Dalila would reveal that she was that black man who was following the twin since then and just in disguise. I would not like to have a happy ending but gradually on the later part, the characters would recover. Just like in reality. All of us will come to an end. But those who believe the Almighty God, will remain alive until eternity.

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Part 2

Which character is most like you? Connect with this character and explain how you are alike and how you are different. Use story details for support.

Among all the characters in Wendy Morgan's novel entitled: Possession, the character who I think most like me is Mirabelle. Mirabelle has also supernatural powers. Mirabelle is the first person who noticed that Meg was no longer Meg. Mirabelle tried to convince others but no one believed her. But, Mirabelle did not lose her hope instead, she undergone astral travel. We all know that astral travel is such a danger but she did it for her friend Meg- to solve her case. But as time passed by, Meg's boyfriend, Shea, was convince what Mirabelle have discovered.

Mirabelle and I are alike by means of she would do anything for her friend like me. I would do everything for my friends. For me, friends are very important that though my friends would hurt me, I will just cry and forget. For me, they are one of the reasons of my existence.
Like Mirabelle, I too am optimistic person. That though there are so many discouragements and persecutions came over along the way, I would still not lose my hope. Because I believe that God will never give us trials that we cannot overcome.

The only difference of Mirabelle and me is that, she has super powers and can astral travel and me; I'm just an ordinary girl, just one of the 2nd year AB English students of Mindanao State University.


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